Too Much at Stake to Allow the 2016 Elections to Stand

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We now know beyond all doubt that Russia meddled in the 2016 U.S. elections to help Donald J. Trump and certain Republican congressional candidates win.

Although almost a year has passed since Trump and newly-elected congressional leaders took office, it’s still not too late for a revote. Redoing 2016 federal elections is the only way to make things right for the American people.

There is nothing unique about my call for a revote of the 2016 primary and general elections. It is customary for contest winners such as athletes who are victorious due to fraud or doping to relinquish their title and metals. Why shouldn’t we expect the same of politicians?

If the U.S. Supreme Court were to declare the 2016 federal elections unconstitutional, President Trump and newly elected congressional leaders would be forced to vacate their office. The ruling would also lead to an undoing of all federal laws, policies and judicial appointments accomplished during theTrump Administration.

Some view the call for a revote as wishful thinking. Others have taken a wait-and-see position, hoping that President Trump will be impeached and removed or will succumb to defeat in 2020—as might be suggested by recent democratic victories in Virginia and Alabama. But the Revote Coalition’s goal is not to remove President Trump from office but to ensure that the American people, not a foreign enemy, determine who our elected officials are.

Congressional and presidential actions undertaken during the Trump administration will change this nation for generations to come. Citizens, particularly minorities, will continue to rely heavily upon the federal judiciary to enforce laws and rights. Getting federal judges to rule favorably on discrimination claims and social injustices has been difficult in the past. But securing fair and balanced rulings in the future may prove far more difficult in federal courts stacked by Trump with judges who stand ready to rollback social and racial advancements and short-circuit policing and other protective reforms.

The Revote Coalition’s quest for a revote began days following the 2016 Presidential Election when I published a YouTube video calling for a new election and shared my first revote legal brief with 2016 Virginia Congressional Candidate Shaun Brown. Brown circulated the brief to various political camps. Soon, others joined our nationwide effort to find an attorney who would usher a constitutionally sound revote case to the U.S. Supreme Court. Unable to find an attorney, I—a non-lawyer—put pen to paper and drafted a legal brief based upon my newly devised legal argument, which asserts:

The United States has many territories, including a cyber territory.
Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution says: “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion. . . “
The U.S. Government failed to protect each state’s cyber territory against invasion in 2016.
Because of Russia’s invasion, states do not know the source of winning votes, and consequently, do not know if they seated the right party’s electors to cast electoral votes.
Members of the former congress violated their oath of office when they swore into office candidates who were helped by Russia.
I provided my legal brief to three groups of citizens who filed the revote brief in three different federal courts. I was a named petitioner on the Colorado case. The Massachusetts Appeals Court quickly rendered a decision that labeled the case “novel,” since no one had ever made the argument before. I then drafted an appeals brief to advance the revote case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

While the Supreme Court opted to not review our citizen case, members of the Revote Coalition are convinced the Supreme Court will entertain the revote case if it is filed by a State Attorney General (AG), since our legal argument hinges on the federal government’s obligation to protect states from invasion. In the end, the actions of the American public will determine whether we get a revote. Make noise in the streets. Call, visit and email AGs listed at; insist the AGs work to have the 2016 federal elections declared null and void.

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