Truly Extraordinary

Sanders is never deterred by claims that a goal can’t be achieved. Her ability to quickly analyze information, define the problem and the needed solution and discern the path for achieving a goal is absolutely unparalleled.

Writer of a Federal Court Case of First Impression

Jerroll has an uncanny ability to parse through contracts and legal language with ease and find nuanced opportunities to achieve end goals. When esteemed Harvard Constitutional Lawyer Lawrence Tribe, declared there was no provision in the constitution for a revote of a federal election, Jerroll found one. A U.S. Appeals Court went on to identify the case as one of first impression—meaning Jerroll raised constitutional issues never had been presented before in a U.S. Court of Law. Although others sought to publicly lay claim to the case Jerroll conceived of and wrote solely on her own, Jerroll’s ownership is confirmed by two U.S. Copyrights.

Drafter of National Policing Legislation that—For the First Time Ever—Would Standardize Policing Nationwide

Until now, policing has been within the sole jurisdiction of states except for those instances when provisions of federal law empower the U.S. Department of Justice to intervene. Sanders drafted solely on her own The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act (URLEIA), which enables the President of the United States to join with states to establish national policing standards and guidelines. Sanders also drafted detailed policing provisions that would establish national standards for use of force, training, crime-scene management, police accountability and much more. The proposal is hailed as the most comprehensive response to America’s policing problem and represents yet another instance in which Sanders accomplished what professors and professionals who have been studying policing for decades said was impossible to do: Devise a constitutionally sound framework for standardizing policing nationwide. Sanders continues to lead a national effort to ensure the legislative proposal known as URLEIA becomes law.

“Jerroll Sanders has sheer intellectual horsepower. Her mind is constantly churning and innovating. She is externally focused and has a sincere desire to help uplift those who are challenged. She is prolific in her thinking and articulate in oral expression and writing.”

–Priscilla Hill-Ardoin

Hill-Ardoin serves as a director for Enterprise Holdings, Inc., is a trustee for Washington University in St. Louis, a former Officer at AT&T,  a Director for Haven for Hope Transformational Center for the Homeless in San Antonio, an external advisory committee member of the Vanderbilt-Meharry-Matthew Walker Center of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease in Nashville and Founder and President of The Aaron Ardoin Foundation for Sickle Cell Research and Education (AAF).

“Jerroll Sanders is a selfless woman who uses her creative genius to create a more humane environment for any and everyone who may come within the purview of her abilities. She uses her inquiring mind to discover and develop innovative avenues to transform ineffective tools of authority that oppress rather than liberate. She speaks with power and authority on behalf of the marginalized members of our national community. Her tenacity is born from her many years of confronting and revamping failed systems in public and corporate arenas.”

–Reverend Samuel Bullock, Sr.

About Pastor His involvement in the church and community includes President of the Joan Ann Bullock Academy, Past President of the Michigan Progressive Baptist Convention (MPBC), Past President of South East Area ABC Ministers Council (ABC), President of SPEAR Community Development Corporation, Board of Directors

Produced What Many Called the Best Taxpayer Notices in U.S. History.

Sanders was called upon by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to undertake a project which IRS had no idea how to structure or even how to define in a scope of work. It needed hundreds of poorly written, confusing and mixed language taxpayers notices that were being sent to hundreds of millions of taxpayers rewritten and redesigned in keeping with the federal government’s new effort to convert written documents into plain language. Sanders’ work was applauded throughout IRS; even the Commission of IRS asked Sanders if she had any idea what she had accomplished. Despite Sanders excellent work, adherence to budget and consistent on-time deliveries, the forces at Washington close to the president wanted their cohort to have the contract awarded to Sanders. To termination of Sanders’ contract in the face of flawless performance did not sit well. When Sanders contested the illegal contracting action, officials many attempts to find an excuse for the contract termination led to the protracted targeting of Sanders. In the end, federal officials could not find one penny out of place after conducting multiple sweeping audits and investigations.

About Jerroll

Jerroll’s achievements on both the business and social fronts are more than noteworthy. She possesses an arsenal of skills in marketing and advertising, communications, customer service, sales and business development, systems design and implementation, P&L management, business process design and re-engineering, global-scale project management, quality enhancement, inventory management and control, procurement, manufacturing, training, accounting and business law.

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