Race Strategist

Jerroll deploys unique approaches and methodologies when it comes to designing and implementing inclusion training.   She imparts concrete skills corporate team members can use daily in their corporate and personal capacities to leverage diversity. Jerroll has developed workplace diversity training as well as several highly-regarded vendor inclusion seminars for senior purchasing managers desiring to significantly increase the diversity of their vendor pool.

Workplace Diversity.  Jerroll developed the hard-hitting and transformative seminar series titled Sticks & Stones: The Power of Words and Actions. Sticks & Stones imparts concrete tactics, tools and strategies that employees at all levels of the corporate strata can employ to resolve internal conflict, bolster teamwork and exhibit inclusion as a core corporate tenet. Sticks & Stones also helps employees who interface with external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, stockholders, etc.) develop the skills and sensitivity needed to consistently ensure high-quality and successful customer experiences and interactions.


When Top U.S. Treasury Executives set out to steal a $100 million contract from Jerroll Sanders, a Black CEO, things did not work out as they planned.

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