Jerroll M. Sanders

Jerroll’s achievements on both the business and social fronts are more than noteworthy. She possesses an arsenal of skills in marketing and advertising, communications, customer service, sales and business development, systems design and implementation, P&L management, business process design and re-engineering, global-scale project management, quality enhancement, inventory management and control, procurement, manufacturing, training, accounting and business law. Jerrolla non lawyer—is one of few people in this nation to write a case of “first impression,” which is a legal case that presents “novel” legal arguments never before presented in a U.S. Court of Law.  

Experience that Spans Industries, Roles and Decades

President and and CEO of—an online portal that caters to chief executives and senior business leaders.

For is a unique place where chief executives and senior business leaders can access training online or opt to deliver training online via the online portal.  The portal is designed for busy senior executives who want to access leading-edge training and benefit from the experience, mistakes and successes of other chief executives and senior leaders.  The goal is to provide deployable training on new approaches, technologies and unfoldings.

President and CEO of Jireh Consulting, Inc., dba The Writing Company, Depeche Advertising & Design and Diversannt.

Sanders launched and grew into a multi-million dollar firm a three-division company—Jireh Consulting, Inc.,—that offered award-winning consulting, writing  (The Writing Company), advertising (Depeche Advertising & Design) and training (Diverssant) services. Jireh established a national reputation for exceptional quality while serving clients coast to coast, including Union Pacific Railroad, Mariott Corporation, Anheuser-Busch Companies, Minority Supplier Development Councils, State of Missouri, City of St. Louis, St. Louis Regional Commerce and Growth Association, Hallmark Card Company, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alberici Construction Company, Boatmen’s Bank (Bank of America), HBE Corporation, St. Louis Convention Center, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), St. Louis Rams and countless others. Jireh established a solid reputation for impeccable quality and ontime delivery. 

Sanders —Recognized for Getting Things Done!

According to Jerroll, “Business has always been her thing.” Even as a young ten-year-old who rang the register at her family’s neighborhood store, Jerroll felt a rush from participating in the operation of her family’s business. As the family business enterprise grew, Sanders became more committed, leaving school headed straight to the business where she often worked until closing hours. By age 17, Jerroll would sporatically oversee the family’s newest business addition while family members drove their semi-trucks down the highways and bi-ways to pickup loads of watermelons and Christmas trees sold at what the family called “the lot. The lot was a very profitable open air market in the City of Detroit that sold meats, vegetables, wild game, fruits, melons, soil, dairy and canned food items.

After college, Sanders returned to take an active role in the family’s manufacturing business, Security Land Door Company, which was first to manufacture and sell ornamental storm doors in mass to the citizens of Detroit. Eager to experience a non-family business environment, Sanders joined Mobil Oil Company where she receive accolades for her exceptional performance that included helping dealers operate successful gas station enterprises. Sanders would later join Southwestern Bell Company (a division of AT&T) where she received numerous awards and commendations for innovative systems design, writing and successfully managing projects to better track and control AT&T’s multi-million dollar investment in telephone handsets. Sanders departed AT&T to launch Jireh Consulting, Inc.


  • Serve(d) on several corporate boards, including John Burroughs School, Ladue, MO, and the St. Louis Supplier Development Council.
  • Served on multiple strategic committees, including Hazelwood First—a committee of the Hazelwood School District that sought to secure a bond issue for school improvements and a committee of Depaul Hospital, Bridgeton, MO, that raised funds for indigent patients.
  • Awarded Bronze Quill Award (highest award) by the St. Louis Chapter of International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) for research and writing the St. Louis Convention Center’s Multicultural Guide.
  • Granted U.S. Patent for product invention.
  • Granted U.S. Copyrighted for legal case deemed case of first impression by U.S. Appeals Court for its “novel constitutional issues.”
  • Authored The Physics of Money: If You’ve Got My Dollar, I Don’t!
  • Appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows across the nation.

Podcast hosted by Jerroll Sanders

Unwrinkled: Thoughts. Ideas. Actions—Bringing Clarity Where There Is None

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