Jerroll M.

Everyday, Jerroll Sanders leaves an imprint. In her multi-faceted role as chief executive officer (CEO), business process engineer, social problem solver and broadcast commentator, Jerroll has but one goal: Produce measurable outcomes that advance people and organizations. To know Jerroll is to appreciate her attention to detail, rapid-fire abilities when it comes to analyzing, defining and resolving problems and her ever-present focus on quality and excellence.

©2008 - 2020, All Rights Reserved

©2008 - 2020, All Rights Reserved

One of the greatest contributing factors to black mass incarceration is ineffective assistance of counsel from poor quality, unscrupulous attorneys who take defendants’ money and fail to meet their contractual obligation to represent them effectively. Some of those attorneys are white and some are black.

Jerroll Sanders

America’s policing culture is cemented in dysfunction. To structurally change policing, we must dig into the bedrock of America’s policing foundation, install new pillars and standards and build, day-by-day, a new policing structure based upon The Obligation to Preserve Life and Prevent Injury.

©2008 - 2020, All Rights Reserved

Making Your Business Her Business!


Jerroll has designed a one-of-a-kind, twelve-part business series to help small and large businesses achieve their business goals.  If you have dreamed of starting a business or want to take your existing business to new heights, prepare to enroll! More information coming soon.