The Physics of Money: If You've Got My Dollar, I Don't

If you’re an African American, you’ve heard it: Pull yourself up by your bootstraps! For many African Americans, elevating themselves has seemed impossible, since they have neither boots nor straps. The Physics of Money: If You’ve Got My Dollar, I Don’t reads like a well-crafted guidebook. It helps African Americans manufacture both the boots and the straps needed to completely alter their financial position.

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Jerroll’s achievements on both the business and social fronts are more than noteworthy. She possesses an arsenal of skills in marketing and advertising, communications, customer service, sales and business development, systems design and implementation, P&L management, business process design and re-engineering, global-scale project management, quality enhancement, inventory management and control, procurement, manufacturing, training, accounting and business law.

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Making Your Business Her Business!


Jerroll has designed a one-of-a-kind, twelve-part business series to help small and large businesses achieve their business goals.  If you have dreamed of starting a business or want to take your existing business to new heights, prepare to enroll! More information coming soon.