The Wisdom of Starting A Business Amid Covid-19

I am sometimes befuddled by the advice offered by online business gurus in response to simple questions. A social media user recently asked an online business consultant if it was wise to launch a business during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The guru responded with a quick “no,” adding that now would not be the right time, since the business might not be sustainable, given the challenges that arise during a pandemic.   

Starting a business during a pandemic can be a very good idea, however, even if the business does not offer the promise of longevity. The goal of a business is profitability. So if the time and investment required to launch a business are low relative to the profits to be gained, consider pursuing the opportunity with vigor. Proceeds earned during a short business endeavor can be a great way to financially fuel another business that is more in line with your long-term goals. The business environment is ever changing even in a non-pandemic environment and new business opportunities are always emerging. A good business person knows the importance of timing and stands willing to seize opportunities when they arise. 

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