Case Studies

Anatomy of a Racial Assault–How Discrimination Plays Out!

Jerroll's $100 Million Dollar Federal Contract

Did the U.S. Department of Justice’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and various U.S. Inspector Generals (IGs) help white women atop the U.S. Government conceal their illegal taking of a Black Woman’s lucrative federal contract so they could pass it to an associate? Is the report by members of The MPM Group–recognized as experts in federal contracting–a perfect example of how third-party witnesses to racial assaults can step forward and bring light to bear? 

Jerroll's Revote Writ

Did Columbia University and a reporter now working for the Washington Post–Grace Ashford–aid White and Jewish women who conspired to convince the world that they, not Jerroll, launched the revote project and helped write the celebrated legal document labelled An Extraordinary Writ in Columbia University’s online Trumplandia Magazine? Would Columbia University have taken a different approach to the article if Jerroll were White and the White and Jewish women were Black? 

About Jerroll

Jerroll’s achievements on both the business and social fronts are more than noteworthy. She possesses an arsenal of skills in marketing and advertising, communications, customer service, sales and business development, systems design and implementation, P&L management, business process design and re-engineering, global-scale project management, quality enhancement, inventory management and control, procurement, manufacturing, training, accounting and business law.

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