What they’re saying about Jerroll . . .

Jerroll Sanders has sheer intellectual horsepower. Her mind is constantly churning and innovating. She is externally focused and has a sincere desire to help uplift those who are challenged. She is prolific in her thinking and articulate in oral expression and writing.”

–Priscilla Hill-Ardoin

Hill-Ardoin serves as a director for Enterprise Holdings, Inc., is a trustee for Washington University in St. Louis, a former Officer at AT&T,  a Director for Haven for Hope Transformational Center for the Homeless in San Antonio, an external advisory committee member of the Vanderbilt-Meharry-Matthew Walker Center of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease in Nashville and Founder and President of The Aaron Ardoin Foundation for Sickle Cell Research and Education (AAF).

Jerroll Sanders is a  selfless woman who uses her creative genius to create a more humane environment for any and everyone who may come within the purview of her abilities. She uses her inquiring mind to discover and develop innovative avenues to transform ineffective tools of authority that oppress rather than liberate. She speaks with power and authority on behalf of the marginalized members of our national community. Her tenacity is born from her many years of  confronting and revamping failed systems in public and corporate arenas.

–Reverend Samuel Bullock, Sr.

About Pastor His involvement in the church and community includes President of the Joan Ann Bullock Academy, Past President of the Michigan Progressive Baptist Convention (MPBC), Past President of South East Area ABC Ministers Council (ABC), President of SPEAR Community Development Corporation, Board of Directors of the Red Cross of Southeastern Michigan, Past President of West Detroit Interfaith Community Organization (WDIFCO), Board of Directors of New Detroit Inc., Board of Directors of Detroit Medical Center, Past President of the Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit and Vicinity, Inc., and Executive Secretary of the Michigan Progressive Baptist Convention.