Jerroll Sanders


Jerroll M. Sanders is an entrepreneur and executive with proven ability to manage organizations and large business units. She is an innovator who possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in the areas of marketing and advertising, sales, manufacturing, supplier diversity, training, systems design and implementation, cost and financial accounting, profit and loss management, project management and strategy development and implementation. (See Jerroll’s Bio).

Sole Writer and Owner of the Writ of Mandamus That Is Now Before The U.S. Supreme Court Seeking a Revote of the 2016 Election. Jerroll Sanders is leading a nationwide team that congealed to accomplish a revote of the 2016 election. The diverse team is composed of people from different political parties, states and locales as well as racial and ethnic backgrounds. The revote team has one goal, which is to ensure that America’s leadership is selected by the people and not by foreign cyberinvaders.  As part of the effort, Sanders drafted a revote writ of mandamus that is being reviewed by Supreme Court Justices.  The U.S. Copyright Office granted Sanders a copyright for the writ that is deemed a case of “first impression.” Supreme Court Justices are set to render a first ruling on case March 20, 2017.

President and CEO of ONUS, Inc. Sanders heads ONUS, Inc., a national non-profit organization.  Sanders has written a sweeping  legislative proposal to overhaul policing in the United States and standardize policing nationwide. The proposal is known as the Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act (URLEIA).

Author of The Physics of Money: If You’ve Got My Dollar, I Don’t. Sanders authored The Physics of Money: If You’ve Got My Dollar, I Don’t, which offers a detailed action plan for improving schools; reforming government and private contracting;  revamping employment practices; ensuring judicial equity; and ending lending discrimination. “The Physics of Money is itself is an action plan for gaining competitive and financial equality.” (Excerpted from book review by The Network Journal.)

Race Strategist . Jerroll Sanders has written and delivered numerous speeches and corporate seminars on issues of race and diversity.

Former Detroit Mayoral Candidate.  Jerroll Sanders waged a fierce campaign in an effort to become Mayor of Detroit, Michigan, in 2009. Sanders was a major contender in the election and was nudged out by an opponent who declared he was confident Sanders had, in fact, defeated him and then Mayor Dave Bing.  Sanders conducted a year-long study that revealed troubling concerns about the integrity of Detroit’s elections.

U.S. Patent Holder.  Jerroll Sanders was granted a U.S. Patent for a product invention. She has several other inventions in the works.

The Many Dimensions of Jerroll Sanders