Jerroll Sanders is a multi-dimensional CEO who has achieved stellar results for countless multi-national clients. Sanders is also a fierce  advocate who works tirelessly to resolve  longstanding social problems that many deem too big to fix. Sanders accomplishments in the business and advocacy arenas attest to her uncanny ability to craft effective solutions to the most complex problems. 

President and CEO of CEC, which  provides indispensable consulting services to senior executives seeking to grow their business, resolve plaguing problems and retool their operations to achieve optimal efficiency and profitability.

Former President and CEO of Jireh Consulting, Inc., which Sanders built from a start-up firm into a multi-million-dollar enterprise. Under Sanders’ tutelage, Jireh Consulting, Inc., dba The Writing Company and Depeche Advertising and Design, earned numerous awards, served a cadre of Fortune 500 clients across the nation and established a firm reputation for developing top-quality communications products and innovative training programs. The firm also won awards from the International Association of Business Communicators for the quality of its research and writing.

Manager of Enterprise-wide Projects. Sanders has overseen projects of enormous magnitude for some of this nation’s largest private and governmental entities, including Anheuser-Busch, Monsanto, MEMC International Corporation, AT&T, Union Pacific, HBE Corporation, Marriott Corporation, Alberici Construction, State of Missouri,  City of St. Louis (Missouri), Xerox Corporation and several others. Sanders also led the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Notice Redesign project and is responsible for the redesign and clarity of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) taxpayer notices.

U.S. Patent Holder.  Jerroll Sanders has a U.S. Patent for a product invention. She has several inventions in the works and possesses numerous copyrights.

Initiator of the 2016 Revote Project,   Sanders is leading a nationwide team that congealed in 2016 to nullify the 2016 election due to the Russian cyber invasion. The diverse team is composed of people from different political parties, states and locales as well as racial and ethnic backgrounds. The revote team’s goal is to ensure that America’s political leadership is elected by the people and not by foreign cyber invaders.  As part of the effort, Sanders crafted a legal argument a U.S. Appeals Court deemed “novel,”  meaning it presented issues of law that had never been raised before. In 2016, the U.S. Copyright Office granted Sanders a copyright for “novel” case.

President and CEO of ONUS, Inc. Sanders heads ONUS, Inc., a national non-profit organization. Sanders has written a sweeping  legislative proposal to overhaul policing in the United States and standardize policing nationwide. The proposal is known as the Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act (URLEIA).

Former Detroit Mayoral Candidate.  Jerroll Sanders waged a fierce campaign in an effort to become Mayor of Detroit, Michigan, in 2009. Sanders was a major contender in the election.

Frequent Guest on Talk Shows Across the Nation. Sanders frequently appear on radio and television shows nationwide to discuss a variety of topics.