Jerroll Sanders is CEO of The Chief Executive’s Consultants (CEC)–an indispensable resource for senior executives seeking to improve their operations.

Sanders possesses depth and breadth of experience in a multitude of areas, including marketing, financial accounting, strategic design and planning, advertising and public relations, public involvement, process design and revision, project management, diversity, change management, business development, procurement processes, inventory management, and federal, state, and local contracting. She also has a strong legal acumen and a proven track record for resolving complex problems.

Sanders has overseen projects of enormous magnitude for some of this nation’s largest private and governmental entities, including Anheuser-Busch, Monsanto, MEMC International Corporation, AT&T, Union Pacific, HBE Corporation, Marriott Corporation, Alberici Construction, State of Missouri, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), City of St. Louis (Missouri), and Xerox Corporation.In addition to helping companies, large and small, reach peak operating efficiency, CEC helps entrepreneurs launch new business ventures (start-ups) and expand existing businesses via mergers and acquisitions.

Sanders is former president and CEO of Jireh Consulting, Inc., a company she built from a start-up firm into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Under Sanders’ tutelage, Jireh Consulting, Inc., earned numerous awards and established a national reputation for developing top-quality communications products and innovative programs.



The Many Dimensions of Jerroll Sanders